Thursday, December 13, 2012

Carrot Celery Soup (Gluten Free)

Carrot Celery Soup with Brown Rice Pasta

Soup makes a great one pot meal, when you make it chunky and thick. This soup can be made thick or thin. I was cleaning up my fridge to buy some new veggies so these were waiting to cooked.
1 Bunch Celery (the long one)
I Small Bag of baby carrots  (which we forgot to snack on during the week)
4 Large Carrots
2 small red Radish (which somehow escaped when I made radish sambar)
A small bunch of Spring onion (bottom to fry along with the onion and top to garnish)
So I set out to make the soup.

Prep time - to cut veggies about 10 minutes
Cooking Time - Saute - 10 Minutes Pressure Cook 15 mins blend and Garnish 5 mins
You will need
Celery - Chopped in 1/2 finger long lengths
Carrots - chopped in big pieces (No need to chop the baby carrots)
Spring Onion Onion - 1 (Chopped in big pieces)
Garlic - 1 (in cloves)
Oil - 1 Tablespoon
Cilantro to Garnish
Cumin - 1 Tsp
Salt - 1 and 1/2 Teaspoon
Vegetable Broth or Water  - 1 Quart 
Butter 1/4 Teaspoon
Cayenne Pepper Powder - 1/8 Teaspoon
All Spice Powder - 1/4 Teaspoon
If you don't have these on hand, you can substitute any other spice that you like.
I feel Cayenne Pepper adds a different kind of spiciness to the soup rather than regular chilly powder.

I forgot to take a picture after adding the carrots, the  last pic was taken after the veggies were cooked in the pressure cooker, while blending them.

--->In a Pan, on a medium flame, add the oil. When it starts to get hot, add the cumin, saute it till it slowly starts sizzling, add the garlic cloves, then the onion  and spring onion, and saute it till it all starts coming together.
--->Now add the celery, mix once
--->Add the carrots, mix once. Add Salt
--->Transfer the contents to a Pressure Cooker and give it 3 whistles.
--->After the pressure comes down, take a hand blender and blend it all well.
--->In the pan you sauteed the veggies, add the butter and when it melts add the spice powders and mix well, now add the blended contents  and the broth to this. Mix well. Taste for Salt
---->Garnish with the Chopped (top part) Spring Onions and Cilantro

To make this thick and make it a one pot meal, I cooked some brown rice pasta  and served it together.