Thursday, February 28, 2008


Curd Rice and Pickles were MADE FOR EACH OTHER!!!!

My sister was in chennai recently and bought back these two homemade pickles.

The first one is Maagaani Kizhangu (Sarsaparilla Root) Pickle. Smells and tastes delicious. My aunt has made this. I will get the exact recipe and post it here. This is available in December and January in South India. It has a very pungent smell and only a (lucky) few like to eat it and smell it!! This is an acquired taste.
You can take some in a small jar and mix it with curd or buttermilk and keep for a week and eat it, or eat it just the way it is with curd rice. HMMM Delicious!


This is Naarthangai. My Grandma made this and sent it over.
If you buy store bought then it will be very salty.

But this is homemade, so the salt is just right and of course tastes VERY GOOD!!
My children love to chew on it and eat it. This is also an acquired taste. If you like sour things, you will like this. This has some medicinal value. You can chew on this if you have an upset stomach or feeling puky. I keep this always in my purse for long distance driving, for my kids if they get motion sick.


Suganya said...

I am one of the lucky few who adore maagali kizhangu. I love your blog, Vandhana.

Vandana said...

Thanks so much!