Monday, October 20, 2014

Manga Thokku / Raw Mango Pickle

This is one of my favorite pickle. Goes very well with plain curd rice! You need raw green mangoes for this. Takes less than 20 minutes to make at home. And way more healthier than any store bought pickle. 

I use a food processor to grate the mangoes. You could do it by hand too.
3 raw mangoes ------ grated
Sesame Oil -------- 6 tablespoons Oil for the last step
                   -------- 2 tsps oil in the beginning
Red Chili powder -----this depends on your spice level, I've used 6 tablespoons
Salt-------4 teaspoons more or  less
Perungayam(hing) 1/2 teaspoons
Vendaya Podi (fenugreek powder) 1 teaspoons
Mustard seeds ---- 1 tsp
Red Chili Powder -- 4 

In a kadai, low to med flame, add 2 tsp oil, once it gets hot, add the grated mangoes
Just spread the mangoes slowly so the oil coats over all of it
In about 5 minutes, you will notice the mangoes have wilted and lose some color
Keep stirring every 5 minutes
In 10 minutes, give it one more stir, and add some of the salt
It will keep cooking

In about 15 minutes, spread the mangoes flat in the kadai and split in to four and add the spices on top
 in a different vessel, add the rest of the oil, and let it get hot on a medium flame.
Add the mustard seeds, and once it starts bursting add the red chilies and once all the mustard seeds have tempered, pour this hot oil on to the mangoes and quickly spread the oil so it coats all over the mango mixture
Leave t on for 5 more minutes on a low flame and you will see the mangoes and oil mix well and the oil will come through the holes in your ladle. And it will also let some oil out. That means it's done. 
Enjoy this with good decent curd rice
Let cool in the kadai and once it's Ll cooled transfer in to a glass bottle and make sure water does not touch the pickle. Guard it well :)
And if you have some white rice put in the empty kadai and mix well and enjoy pickle rice :)

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Unknown said...

Please send a small bottle of the manga thokku and since you can't send pickles alone (bad omen/luck to our relationship), you can send some mysore pak (just a few pieces ) as well.
from your VONE and VONLY sister,