Thursday, August 13, 2009

Palm Fruit - Nongu in Tamil, Tadgola in Hindi and Lontar fruit in Indonesia!!!

This fruit takes first place on my top 10 fruits list.

I just love this fruit for its texture and softness. It is a jelly like fruit and I found some info on it here. Me and my son had tooooooooooo much of it in India. My daughter didn't like it that much.

According to my grandma, this fruit cools you down on a real hot day. And in Chennai it is always Hot....

If you haven't had this fruit yet, you have to try it once.

It comes in a hard shell, the vendor will remove the fruits out for you.
You wash them in cold water and then by peeling the skin around it carefully without poking in it so the juice remains intact.

When you are ready to eat it, you bite it on one end and then slowly suck the juice out and then chew on it and enjoy the taste.... Yummm


Raji (Atlanta) said...

Nongu really is a good fruit. Your instructions are spot-on. That is exactly how I used to eat it.

Vandana said...

Thank Raji... :)