Monday, October 12, 2009

Golu 2009

Navarathri started on September 19th. Just like last year I had two big Parties...

Only this time, I had them back to back.... one on Sep 19th Saturday and the other on Sunday Sep 20th...

Menu for Party on September 19th



Coconut Chutney

Red Bell Pepper Chutney

Milagai Podi

Vatha Kuzhambu Sadham (Rice)

Urulaikizhangu Kari

Aplam (PapadS)


Paneer Sabji

Kollu Sundal

Neer Mor

Javvarisi (sabudana) Payasam

Menu for Party on September 20th


Kanjeevaram Idli


Coconut Chutney

Red Bell Pepper Chutney

Milagai Podi

Milagu Kuzhambu Sadham (Rice)

Urulaikizhangu Kari


Pachai Pattani Sundal (with Mango)

Neer Mor

Javvarisi (sabudana) Payasam

I had made lots of Bell Pepper Chutney, earlier in the week, enough for both the parties. That was the hit Chutney in both the parties. On Saturday, the Vathakuzhambu sadham was a hit also and on sunday the Milagu Kuzhambu sadham was a hit.

The new addition to this year’s golu was the Kali Doll that I got from Calcutta, and the Vittal and Rakumayi doll which I got in Chennai. The Marriage set is also a new addition to my collection this year.

I would like to mention some of my friends who helped me make these parties a grand success...

Drum Roll Please......

First of all to Gayatri a.k.a. Gayu, my daughter's friend, who dutifully came on a nice Friday evening, to help us unwrap the dolls and arrange them on the steps. She also helped in making the streets of India exhibit...

To Mina, who came after playing tennis to rearrange some of the dolls on the shelf.

And thanks to my husband, and my kids, Varun and Varsha who helped in the unpacking of the dolls, in arranging the cricket set and the other dolls and also packing all of them again, sealing the boxes and special thanks to Varun for dismantling the Golu Shelf and putting them back in the basement!!

As for the Parties here is my thanking speech

For the Saturday Party Many Many Thanks to

Suman , Priya and Madhu.

Suman Helped in peeling and cubing the potatoes, Washing the coriander, Frying the Aplams, garnishing everything.....

Priya helped in Making the Potato curry, frying the aplams

Madhu helped in washing all the vessels I had used that day......

And to Bairavi, Suman, Priya, Harshi, who helped in making the idlies during the party....

For the Sunday Party, Many Many Thanks to

Aparna, Asha, Bairavi, Vasanthi who helped in making the idlies while the party was going on....


smitha said...

Happy Deepavali Vandana Aunty!! I am LOVING your recent posts of bhel and all the awesome chat stuff!

i've been trying each of your recipes one by one!!

Wish i had paid more attention when my mom cooked! she doesn't have the patience to teach me, living a couple of hundred miles away doesn't help either!!

miss you, say hi to the family!

Anita said...

vandana, super pa, it calls for real passion towards cooking to do all this! can see that you love the job big time :)

asparagus curry, shld try it, i see it often in the market, not sure if its the same. will check out today.