Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hing in Hindi - Asafoetida in English - Perungayam in Taml

More information on hing can be read here. It is one of the great flavors in Indian Food.
I love hing so I use it literally on everything I make. :)
The brand I usually use is LG. I tried Vandevi once and it I felt it is just turmeric powder, did not actually have the flavor of the real hing.
So the last time I went to India, I saw my grandmother using this block of hing and the food tasted awesome. So when i came back, I found this in the Indian Store (again LG brand Block Hing) and of course Immediately bought it home. This beats the powder by many times.

I wrapped the block in an old kitchen towel and pounded it with a hammer until it became to an 1 inch pieces and put all of them in the Indian Mixer Grinder and ground to a fine powder. When I open the bottle, the kitchen smells FANTASTIC!! It took a total of may be half on hour. It is not an easy task but well worth it.

Please do give this a try!!


Sangeeth said...

i luv hing too...it gives a unique flavour..i luv the smell too ..

Anonymous said...

I love hing too.


shriya said...

Asafoetida gives really good flavor to the dishes . Very nice and interesting post.

mechu said...

Hi Vandana

You dont need to strain too much for breaking the black hing. (I Saw your post, that you are hammering it). Keep the entire black hing in one tight box with one keep one green chilli. You can just pinch and take the hing. :)

mechu said...

Hi Vandana

You dont need to strain too much for breaking the Hing. Just keep the hing in one box with one green chilli. You can pinch it next day.

ramamurthy janakiraman said...

thatha will use pakku vetti to cut it into minute pieces..

Muhi said...

Hing was a very good medition for Gastic problems.

Take a table spoon of hing powder directly and have two cup of water.

see the result after 1 or 2 hr.