Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This post was typed entirely by my left hand!!

Seriously! So excuse the wrong or missing capitalization and punctuation marks!

abOUT 2 WEEks ago I had some pain on my right hand, just under the little finger, could not straighten it out or curl it completely.
i learnt something valuable - Never underestimate the power of your little finger!!

I dont know if i injured myself or what happened to it, but kept going thru life with the pain, until it got worse last weekend, when it was swollen and puffy and i would wince or cry if anyone accidentaly knocked me or touched my hand!
Right from brushing my teeth in the morning to flossing at night, the little finger plays an all important role in your life.

I finally went to a doc on monday, he could'nt find a fracture, and i told him i was having up to 6 advils a day and i reluctantly let him touch the hand, and i couldnt stop the tears when he was trying to diagnose what i had. He has referred me to a hand specialist and in the meanwhile prescribed a painkiller which is the grandma or great grandma of advil.
I have to say, it is doing an excellent job of it. The pain has gone down considerably, as well as the swelling.

I was trying to browse the net if i can find any info on what this is and i found this blog
Although she has not updated it for the past two years, it is the same exact thing that i have right now.

I am looking forward to using my right hand once again. and hopefully it will be alls well that ends well. I miss my right hand :(


Thayirsaadham said...

Take Care. Don't stop your YUMMY postings in the blog because of your pain. Try outsourcing!:-)

Medhaa said...

Take Care and get well soon.

Sangeeth said...

o take care of ur health!!! and how long did it take to write this post with ur left hand?

Divya said...

Hey Vandana, I am so sorry about your left hand... hope you get well soon.
Is the pain only on ur left side?
One of my friends had this problem months back, and she was asked to check for TSH levels. But she had swelling on both hands and feet.
Take care!

Cynthia said...

Please get well soon. I read the post you linked to but was not clear as to what exactly is the cause of the problem.