Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Melon Raita

Winter melon is my husband's favorite vegetable. I always buy a whole one. I usually cut and freeze about half of it. When I freeze it, I store it in small freezer ziplocs so it will be easy to defrost and use the whole bag in a kootu or Sambar. Please note that you can use it only in gravy dishes as it lets a lot of water. If you want to make this raita, it has to be a fresh one. I also make Wintermelon Dry curry. Now we can talk about this Raita...

This is such an easy Raita.... All you do is just wash the winter melon. Peel the skin with a pareing knife, and take the soft stuff out, from inside. And then grate it well. Mix with beaten curds and give it Tadka.

Tadka -- Take some oil in a kadai, add some mustard seeds, when it sputters, add some green chillies and some slit red chillies, and some hing and add some curry leaves.
Tastes So Good........ with anything...
I have started adding raw Wintermelon to salads also, it tastes great in that also.

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Asha said...

WOW! Looks so good. I get Winter melon here but never bought, and thought of making this with that, must try! :))