Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Black Chick Pea Sprouts

Sprouted Chick Pea! They look so gorgeous, don't they. They also taste great! After I sprouted them I added some salt and hing on top, (NO Water) and mixed them up and steamed them in my pressure cooker. (My husband doesn't like the raw taste)

You can add them raw or steamed as topping for salads or just eat them like a snack, Just great!!

These were sprouted in my Sprout Maker and were done in three days.
The steps were, soak them over night in water.
The next day drain and wrap in muslin or cheese cloth and place in sprout maker, and add water in the lower container of sprout maker.
The next day change water in lower level and the spouts are done on the third morning.

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