Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Golu 2008

Navartahri started on September 30th. Just like last year I had two big Parties...
This time around, I didn't have the time to take pictures of what I made, but here is the menu for both the parties....
On Friday October 3rd I had made
Sambar (it was a mixed vegetable sambar)
Chutney (regular Coconut Chutney
Poricha Keerai (Spinach with seasonings --Tamilian style)
Potato Curry
Rotis (This was catered)
Carrot Mango Vatana Sundal
Sabudana Payasam
Cut Cantaloupe

And for the Sunday October 5th Party I had made

Vegetable Rava Idli
Vathakuzhambu Sadham
Curd Rice
Potato Curry
Cut Mango Pickle
Sabudana Payasam
The sabudana payasam (which Aparna started and I finished) made for the friday party tasted so good that my husband didnt get to have it, everyone told him it was the best, so he requested me to make it again so I made the same payasam again for the Sunday Party.
The Vadai Morkuhambu was the Hit of Friday party and the Vathakuzhambu Sadham, was the hit for the sunday Party.
I will post the recipes of the dishes that I have made here, which still I have not blogged about. I know the masoor Dal Kofta which I had made last year is still pending for the blog. Can't believe that I haven't made that in a year, but hopefully you will see all the recipes soon...

Before I end this blog, I have to thank some people who helped me a lot in both the parties;
(Imagine me having an Oscar award in one hand and saying this :)))) )

For the Friday Party, many thanks to
--->Bindu, who just landed at my place in the morning, and stayed till 2 in the afternoon, and helped me cut all the veggies and made me stay on track and just gave me GREAT company,
--->Priya, who stayed for an hour and a half in the evening and helped make the potato curry, cut, peel and grate the huge enormous mango for the sundal and also helped me clean up the sink before everyone came,
--->Aparna, (my cousin), who came at 7pm before everyone came and made the rice, started the payasam on the stove and started the first load of the idlis,
--->Manju, Suman, Harshi for helping to keep the subsequent batch of idlis as and when needed...

For the Sunday Party I have to thank
--->Sivagami, who was one of the first few guests, who helped me peel all the potatoes,
--->Devina, who diced all the potatoes,
--->Vasanthi, who helped me in making the potato curry,
--->Asha and Abi(my cousin), who made the idlis in batches...

If I have forgotten anyone, please excuse me....

Even though the last week has been hectic and my sister calls me the craziest person alive to cook everything by myself for the parties, I still enjoyed every bit of it. I could not sleep properly because I was so excited about cooking ..... :)
As promised, I will post all the recipies one by one........
Tomorrow is Saraswati pooja, and the day after is Vijayadasami!


vineela said...

hi vandana,
Loved your golu and park setting.
great menu for the festival celebrations.

Mrs.Kannan said...

Great looking Golu you got there Vandana...and you made so much dishes for the party..great

Jayashree said...

Beautiful golu. The party menu sounds fabulous.

Sangeeth said...

golu looks cute and luved the village set up!

Vandana said...

Thanks Vineela, MrsKannan, Jayashree and Sangeeth..
It was nice of you guys to stop by and write...

Vibaas said...

Vandana, this is the first time here and you have a very nice blog. Nice Golu :-)

rekhas kitchen said...

very nicely arranged golu

Meena said...

vadana ur blog is great.
could u do a post on mutter paneer?

Anonymous said...


Can you please post the recipe of sabudana payasam