Sunday, May 25, 2008


I usually make decent idlis and wanted to share it with everyone.
You will need a wet grinder for this.
Soak 3 cups of Idli Rice and 1 cup of Whole skinned Urad Dal seperately from 5 to 8 hours.
I buy the swad Dakshin brand of Idli rice.
Grind the Dal first to a ball like consistency. (For 1 cup of dal, it takes anywhere from an hour to an hour and half)
Grind the Rice next, (this will take 1 hour for 3 cups of rice)
Add the rice mixture slowly to the dal and add the salt and mix slightly.
Leave out in the open if you have good weather or in the oven with the light on or put a green chili to the dough to help rise faster.

Once the dough is risen, you can use your idli moulds to make soft fluffy idli's
I found this recipe for Whole Grain Idlis at Jai and Bee's Jugalbandi here. It is a nice read. So if the oven light thing does not work for you, there are other methods too..
Luckily for me it does!

Even though Idli , Sambar, Chutney is a heavenly combination, this is the way I like to eat my idlis! My podi is slightly?? more?? spicier than other podi's I will share the recipe soon...

When we travel in India, by trains, my grandmas (both sides) used to pack these and White dosas ( before it ferments) doused generously in Milagai podi and Gingelly (Sesame) Oil and pack in banana leaves and newspaper, and we usually would finish eating this as soon as we get on the train...
Yum Yum............................. :)

---> Another way to enjoy this is is to make a batch of Mini Idlies. This is my Aunt Mrs.R.Sugantha's  recipe.
In  a pan, on a medium flame, add some oil. When it heats, add the mustard, let it sputter. Add some Curry leaves, and hing and when the leaves are crispy, reduce the flame and add some dosai milagai powder to the pan and then switch the stove off. Add the idlies to the pan and toss them and mix well. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on top if necessary. This makes a great appetizer too.


Anonymous said...

Idli is my favorite. Your idli picture so good. I am going to try it.


Sangeeth said...

i like idlis they are one easy and yet healthy brekfast...iluv it with tomato chutney....ur idlis remind me of my school days..:)

Vandana said...

Thanks Ramya and Sangeeth!
I wanted to post about this a long time ago, but just now had a chance! They are one of my favorite foods too!

Arundathi said...

your idlis seem to have come out really well!

Rama said...

Since I have tasted (ok, stuffed myself shamelessly till my guts burst) many of the things you made, I'll definitely try the others. The comforting thing is that I know your recipes will work. I ve had a couple of cooking disasters from some other internet recipes.

Jackie said...

Oh my, this looks like a fascinating dish, thank!

Vandana said...

Thanks Rama and Aundathi!
Let me know how your idli comes out!

Suganya said...

Thats the tupperware I have been looking for. My mom uses it for storing batter too. Isn't perfect?

Vandana said...

Yes Suganya, That tupperware is a very good buy. I bought it from the same tupper ware aunty who sole me the sprout maker. this is available only in India, not here. the dough stays fresh up to 2 weeks. But we will generally finish it in a week. Till one week, it is not even sour. Great Buy! I have two sizes.

Anonymous said...

You have a lovely blog, I have noticed that you are using the premier stainless insulted hot casaroles.I am interested to purchase on my next trip to India.Could you please tell me the price and do they work well ? i mean do they really keep your food warm? How many of them are you using...just asking so that i would have an idea to buy them.
Please reply,

Vandana said...

Hi Veena,
The white ones that I use are actually more than 15 yrs old. They were my wedding gifts:) yes they do work very well, keeps food hot / warm atleast for 3 hrs. Recently I bought a huge one to store atleast 150 idlies, that also works very well. For idlies, I use a wet muslin cloth (all wrung out) and spread it in the pan, and then store the idlies or upma kozhukattais and wrap them up, so they stay warm for longer time. But you should remember to close the lid everytime, otherwise they become cold. I also have another stianless steel warmer that can hold 35 idlies. Bought them in a store in Mylapore, Chennai called Ramanathan and Co.