Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Making Ghee (Clarified Butter)

I make my own ghee rather than buying it. It is one of the easiest things.
Use Unsalted butter sticks for this. any brand will do. 4 sticks of butter make about 1½ cups of ghee.
Start with adding the butter to the pan.
Keep the stove in medium flame.
Once it all melts, keep a wooden spoon in it so it does not over flow.
You can hear the butter boiling, it makes a sound.
After some time (approx 15 mins) the butter becomes clear. and magically, the sound slowly comes to a stop.
If you dont watch it, it will burn and become brown and it will start smelling.
When the butter is a clear golden color liquid, it is done and may be filtered and stored.

I store my butter outside (not in the fridge) in a stainless steel

It stays good for atleast 1 month.

Leftover part (the fat which is in the bottomof the pan )of the butter can be used to make Mung Dal Ladoo (Powerball)


Ramya's Mane Adige said...

hmmmm.... Never tried making ghee at home! Actually, I vaguely remember that it smelt bad when my mom used to make it. So, i'm a little skeptical... Did you kitchen smell too while making it?? But it sure is more economical and guaranteed pure too!! :)

Purnima said...

Wow..nice post! My mother adds a crystal of sea salt n a betel leaf at the end of the process so all impurities are cleared, we get to eat the flavorsome n crisp betel leaf, while the 'Muddy' - Konkani for sediment is used for making a side dish more tasty!Tks for sharing!

Bhawana said...

Good. Homemade ghee taste very good. My mother always use home made ghee she makes.

kamala said...

I too make ghee at home.By the way did u get my surprise ingredient

Vandana said...

Ramya, It smells a bit, when you start making it but goes away once it all melts. If you burn it, it will smell bad. You have to keep a watch.
Purnima, I think if you add salt then you will not be able to make the sweet Mung Ladoos, but can make a salty dish.
Kamala, I did get your surprise ingredient. I will write a post soon!
Thanks, Bhawana, Kamala, Purnima and Ramya for your wonderful comments!