Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mung Dal Ladoo (Power Ball!)

My Paternal Grandmother (Late Mrs Jayalakshmi Sundaresa Iyer) always made this ladoo when she made Ghee. This is made from the "Kasandu" leftover fat of the ghee which stays behind after you filter the ghee.
This measurement is for the leftovers from 4 sticks of butter.
After you filter the ghee, scrape the vessel and bring all the Kasandu out, add ¾th cup of Mung Dal flour (I had Mung flour with skin, got it from the indian store), Start by sauteing the flour in the same vessel until the raw smell of the flour goes away.
Roast the flour till it becomes slightly red.
Add ½ cup of powdered sugar, (confectioners sugar)
Transfer the contents to a basin.Add some raisins and or cashew nuts to the vessel and fry and then add them to the basin.
Mix with a spoon and make ladoos when you can handle the heat.
Try and make them while they are still warm so it will catch on more quickly.
When my kids were small, my husband used to give these sweets different names so they will become intrigued, so these were called "Power Balls" They still go by that name in our house, It gives an instant burst of energy.
My sister Vanitha made the small plate on which I have displayed the Power Balls.


Cham said...

We make the mong dhal ladoo without skin, nice way to clean up the ghee vessel

Purnima said...

Vandana, this dish is new to me, wow..they sure look power-packed! The plate by ur sis is very beautiful! Thks for sharing ur grand mother's recipe!!

SMN said...

Luks yummy ladoos are my fav..

Bhawana said...

Moong dal laddu is my favourite. Good one dear

Mansi Desai said...

Just like Cham, I use the yellow mung dal, without the skin..nice and easy recipe Vandana:)

ranji said...

ladoo looks yum vandana....one of my fav:)

Suganya said...

My mom used to make roti flour by grinding whole wheat berries. Before storing, she sifts the wheat flour. She used to make these balls with wheat bran and skin, left from sifting.