Thursday, May 29, 2008

Brinjal / Eggplant Vethakuzhambu/ Spicy Gravy

This is another version of the vethakuzhambu made with Green Brinjals! Follow the same proceedure as the Onion Vethakuzhambu, execept replace onions with green Brinjals.
Even the purple one can be used to make this.

My mom would say the expression "then il iruntha pala cholai" meaning, the brinjals taste as good as a jackfuit soaked in Honey! whenever she made this.
I have made this in a Kal Chetti. This is a vessel carved out of a single stone.It is made of a stone called soap stone We used to play with this stone, by using it like a chalk. This has to be cured before using. This particular one I made the gravy is my mom's/
Here is my collection of this utensil

You can read more about this or buy some modern versions here.

As you can see, I have to cure the last two, but the three on the left side,are well used.
Food prepared in this stays hot for a long time. Vetha Kuzhambu, Spinach Kootu, Any Kootu tastes exceptional.

I have some storage jars, in which I store some fresh pickles....


Suganya said...

Maakkal choppu.. I have painted miles of sidewalk with it :). Do they work on electric coils?

Anonymous said...

Hi Vandana,

Loved reading about Kal Chetti.Very informative. Planning to get one from India. Where did you get the pickle jars?


TBC said...

I love your kal chettis and cute storage jars!

Jayashree said...

Lovely, authentic the kozhambu tastes awesome when made in that....

Vandana said...

Thanks Suganya, About using them on electric coils, They may work, I have not tried it out, but they really need a flat surface, on gas they work best.
Thanks Usha, the pickle jars were a gift from my mother's friend.I will find out and let you know.
Thanks tbc and jayashree!
The first three were my mom's. Its been in the family for over 15 years or so.
the food tastes awesome. and after we finish the kuzhambu, and we mix some rice with the leftover kuzhambu sticking to the side and eat it!

Alpa said...

The soapstone pots and the little ones for the achaars are remarkable! If I had these, I would never cook in nonstick ;)

Usha R Nair said...

Hi Vandana, I would like to buy one kal chetti n let me know where can I buy it. I checkd n Kerala recently n could not get it. Pls help. Rgds. Usha r nair